Meal Plans

56 Meals Per Month


28 Meals = 1 Meal Per Day


  1. Choose your meals

  2. Receive your meals for the week every Monday

  3. Follow the instructions for heating up your meals and enjoy!


What meals can you choose from?

The meal selection is based on the Conscious Plates Menu as well as our Build Your Own Meal Option

Can meals be picked up for Meal Plans instead of delivered?

Yes, if you live in Chicago.

Can i cancel my Meal Plan?

Yes, you can cancel anytime by calling us at 312.767.4116. However, if you’ve already paid for the month, there are no refunds.

Do the meals come hot or cold?

Your meals can be packaged cold or hot depending on your preference. For deliveries, orders will automatically come cold.

When should I reach out to place my order for the week?

If delivering contact us a week in advance, while pick up orders can contact us 24-48 hours in advance.

Can I add drinks to my meal plan?

Yes, you can add any drink to your order it will count as a meal plan

Does my meals come with sides?

If a side comes with an item on the menu.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping in the U.S. is $15.95.

How often will my meals be shipped?

Meals will be shipped on a weekly bases.

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