current job openings at conscious plates

Event Manager & Rep

We are seeking someone to assist us in managing and organizing our events. The Event Manager would also represent Conscious Plates at events to promote the brand, sell and/or sample our food and network with people to share our mission and food to grow the Conscious Plates’ community. You should be someone who has a lot of enthusiasm and loves to socialize with people and who knows how to captivate people through communication. We are also seeking someone who is Plant-based and has a passion for holistic health. If you are a alkaline vegan, that is a plus.


We are looking to hire a cook to assistant our Head Chef with cooking for Conscious Plates. You would assist with Food Prep as well as fulfilling orders during busy hours. Someone with a flexible schedule is a plus, as we sometimes need help cooking for events or when we are short on staff due to events. The cook would also have the opportunity to learn about recipe development, the science behind cooking and food operations. We’d like for the cook to be a vegan.

Social Media Marketing INTERN

We are seeking someone to intern for Conscious Plates as our Social Media Marketing assistant. A SMM assistant has a passion and understanding for social media platforms. We are seeking someone who can learn quickly. If you are experienced in design, strategy, marketing, advertising, and/or multimedia production, that would be a plus. Upon complete of the internship, there may be an opportunity for a job in this department.


We are seeking someone to intern for Conscious Plates as a designer for our products and marketing content. Someone who can design for a t-shirt and also for a food label would be the perfect fit.

We are seeking someone to intern for Conscious Plates as a Multimedia Producer. We are seeking someone who has experience with video production, video editing software. vlogging, cross-platform content curation and storytelling. Someone with a flexible schedule and a quick work-ethic is a plus.


This position is ideal for an aspiring entrepreneur, someone looking to start their own business somebody. This position is also one of the most rigorous, as you will be directly assisting the Director on a day-to-day basis with overall operations of running the business. If you take on this position, it will be a steep learning experience, as you will have a close view of how the Director runs and grows the business.

Executive Assistant Intern

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