We are excited to welcome you to the Conscious Vendors family. Please fill out the application below to join the waiting list to become a Conscious Plates’ Vendor.

What can you sell on Conscious Plates?


Packaged Products

Conscious Plates sells any packaged plant-based product that is made with alkaline ingredients has a healthy impact on the mind, body and spirit. Whether you have juices, soaps, spices, herbs, or anything else in the health space, we can house and sell your products.

Ready-to-Eat Food

Have recipes for alkaline meals that you would like to make and sell via Conscious Plates? As long as your meal adhere's to our Food Guidelines and you have a commercial or shared kitchen to prep your food, we can sell it.

Where do we sell your products?


The App

The Conscious Plates app is available for download on Android and iPhone. When a customer places the order, Conscious Plates dispatches a courier to pickup the product from our supply center or the ready-to-eat meal from you at the kitchen you are working in.


Conscious Plates sells products at Marketplace events, Festivals, Farmers Markets, CP Popups & more! If you have packaged products, the Conscious Plates team will promote and sell your products at every event we do. We also include your products in catering jobs where we can.

Local Retail Stores

Conscious Plates distributes our products and the vendor's products into local retail stores. Conscious Plates chooses products that are selling best on Conscious Plates app and popups to distribute into local retail stores.

Where do you make your products?

Commercial Kitchens


We work to help our vendors with access to the best and most convenient kitchens and equipment. All food and products must be made in a commercial or shared kitchen.

What else do we offer vendors?

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Inventory Management



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