About Conscious Plates


Alkaline | PLant-based | made 100% from scratch

Conscious Plates is an Alkaline Plant-Based Restaurant located in Chicago at 332 E 51st. Having a menu that is 100% Alkaline means that, in addition to being meat-free and dairy-free, Conscious Plates food and products are also Soy-Free, Wheat-Free, Starch-Free and made with only spring water. In addition to gourmet alkaline food, we also provide Meal Plans, Cooking Classes, Groceries, Production Facilities, Brunches and more.

Conscious Plates is a community-oriented platform meaning that we also allow Chefs and Food Entrepreneurs to sell their packaged products via the Conscious Plates website, app, restaurants, popups and retail partners and soon we will allow Chefs to sell their food via Conscious Plates once we open our community kitchens.

It is our understanding that a primary cause of illnesses and diseases that cause pain to people on our planet is unhealthy food. Our mission at Conscious Plates is to help to heal humanity of illnesses and diseases through natural foods and herbs, hence alkaline. However, at Conscious Plates, we understand that being healthy is a holistic experience, so our vision is set on cultivating a conscious perspective and healthy responsibility for our planet, communities, childhood, mental health, career paths and other aspects of personal health that influences our quality of life.


Located in Bronzeville


Inspired by Dr. Sebi



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